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Technology and Innovation Offshore Guide: Mauritius

Mauritius used to rely mainly on its sugar and tourism industries, but the Government of Mauritius has sought to diversify and remains active in trying to develop new sectors to create growth in the economy. The 1980s created a boom in the textile industry, and the Government of Mauritius has sought to develop its services industry since then. The 1990s called for the development of the financial services sector, and Mauritius has since firmly established itself as a sound and reliable financial services jurisdiction on an international level. Since the early 21st century, Mauritius has sought to develop its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry so as to make it one of the pillars of the economy and to position itself as a hub in Africa. Mauritius has therefore sought to implement various laws to cater for the development of the ICT industry, including the Information and Communication Technologies Act 2001, the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2003, and the Data Protection Act 2017 (replacing the former Data Protection Act 2004).

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